About Us

Welcome to Brooke's Bath Shop, a sister owned business designed to bring you handmade soaps, body scrubs, butter creams, bath bombs and more. BBS was founded by Kareema Copes and Carmen Barner. Kareema is the creative, artistic, soap-making queen and I, Carmen, am the savvy, business minded, behind the scenes-putting it all together, grand dame. Together, we make an awesome duo. 

Kareema initially had a strong passion for cake decorating. However, after experiencing many obstacles to turn this into a thriving business, she ended up putting her dream to bed. So, you’re probably wondering how does one make the leap from cake decorating to soap making? Well, one day while watching random videos on Youtube, Kareema stumbled across a series of soap making videos. She became enamored with the process of making handmade soap and found it to be relaxing and therapeutic. This interest led her to creating her own bath products and parlay those cake decorating skills to decorating soaps.

I, Carmen, have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve had a passion to own and run a business since I was a teen.  I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry as I loved and still love clothes and make-up.  I envisioned myself as a successful clothing designer owning several boutiques all over the US. But with life challenges, circumstances, and a failed business under my belt, I also decided to put my dream to bed as well.  

After Kareema discovered an interest in soap making, she began creating products for her family, but soon desired to share her passion with others. One evening, during a random chit chat between sisters via text, she shared her new passion with me. Somehow, 2 hours later, the idea of a partnership was born via text. 

Brooke’s Bath Shop is named after Kareema’s first child and my first niece, Brooke Lauren.

Whether you would like to target a specific skin need or just fulfill your basic bathing necessity, we are sure to have something for everyone! 

Thank you for shopping small and enjoy your bath goodies.

Kareema and Carmen